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Is that an Emu in your yard?

This Emu was found wandering the streets of Endeavour Hills. He was chased into a back yard where he stayed over night. The Local Rangers were called the next morning, but where not able to catch the emu. So Nigel was called in and soon had him in a trailer on he’s way to Myuna Farm


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Shop-a-holic Fox

This fox was found hiding in a drain on the main Street of Lilydale A lady was feeding him bbq chicken till l arrived. It wasn’t long before he put his head through my catchpole and had him caught. He was a very fat little fox living quite well behind the shopping center.

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Up the Creek!

This kangaroo had been chased by 6 police and 2 rangers for 2 hours. He had been on the freeway in Blackburn and chased into a park reserve. Harley and Nigel had the kangaroo caught in within 15 minutes

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Rain, Hail, Shine… and Magpies!

Each year, come breeding season this is what happens to Australia Post. The magpies target the posties. So our job is to help the mail to be delivered safely

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Anyone for Tennis?

A Lady woke one morning to find this Barn owl entangled in her tennis net. It took 20 minutes to free the tangled leg and 2wks in rehab before he was released.

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Winging It!

A pelican was seen with a broken wing swimming around Williamstown Bay . Nigel had to get the boat and Harley; it didn’t take long to have the pelican caught. On closer inspection it was found to have fishing line wrapped around the wing holding the wing open. The line had been there for quite some time and due to the infection that had set in. Sadly he had to be euthanasied

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Carpet Snakes Alive… and Lounging

This snake was found in the lounge room of a property in Warrandyte. A couple of 4-year-old boys brought it to the attention of mum.

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Possum Plaster Disaster!

This possum had found her way inside an old church that’s turned into a business that make plaster products for kids. A few got broken, which is common to happen when possums come inside the home. Here I’m demonstrating how sharp the claws are on a possum. They are like running a hot knife through butter!!

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