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Nigel’s Animal Rescue Archive

Popeye the Peacock.

We received a call from a Lady regarding a stray Peacock with a very large growth on its face, some neighbours were able to contain him in their garage. Nigel was able to capture him and take him to the Glenhuntly Veterinary clinic where he was operated on to remove a tumour from his eye. As you can see from the Photo he recovered extremely well and now lives with us and 2 other Peacocks.


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Jake survived thanks to his mates. Feb 08

We received a call from a lady in Kilsyth that had been seeing a cockatoo in the same spot of a dead gum tree for 2 weeks. Jake ( he has since been called ) had bird netting rapped around his foot and was unable to move. The tree was to dangerous for Nigel to climb so alot of  phone calls later to all sorts of organizations such as SES, MFB, Police and  3AW,  finally the Shire of Yarra Rangers arrived with a cherry picker and Nigel had Jake down safely. Jake’s amazing 2 week survival is thanks to other cockatoo’s in the area feeding and looking after him.


Due to such severe injuries to Jake’s foot ( as seen in the photo), Vet Dr Kat removed his hole leg so he could learn to survive on one leg. If he was left with a stump it would have made his balancing alot harder.

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Jake’s Recovery.

Jake is one tough cockatoo. Each day Sharon gave him antibiotics, and cleaned his wound with antiseptic, Jake was doing remarkably well with the one foot and was climbing the side of his rehabilitation cage within a day he was taken to the vet once a week for a check up and after 4 weeks was able to have the staples removed. Once he learnt the art of balancing on a branch he was then placed in an aviary with another cockatoo called Oscar. They are now best mates. Jake’s amazing story of survival made it to all the TV news stations.

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Hooked on Kitty.March 08

This young cat decided that it was fun to play with her owners fishing rod, until the hook pierced her ear. The Pakenham owner called Nigel as she was unable to get it to a vet and was to scared to remove it herself, the hook was removed easily from Kitty’s ear cleaned up with antiseptic and she was back to her playful self within minutes. (But maybe sticking to the kitten toys and not the fishing rod)

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My feet are tied Feb 08.

We received a call from a resident in Cranbourne, they had seen a Corella hanging upside down for 2 days Nigel was soon to the rescue and had the bird down. He was taken to the vet as he had alot of damage to both his feet due to the circulation being cut off, he went onto antibiotics and pain killers, he was in rehabilitation for a 5 days but due to such extensive injuries to both his legs he was still unable to get balance on a branch and unfortunatly we had to have him but to sleep.  FOR ALL THE BIRDS SAKE IF YOU SEE STRING ON THE GROUND PLEASE PICK IT UP AND DISPOSE OF IT.

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Sneaky Snake

This sneaky Copper Head snake was found in the spare room of a house in Cranbourne South. Mrs Hope thought she had a rat in the room as her cats had been acting strange, her grand kids were going to be staying over that night so she went looking for the rat but could not find anything. Her husband later got a surprise when he went into the room later that night to find a large snake. It was midnight when Nigel recieved the call from Mr Hope to get the snake out of the spare room. Mrs Hope is extremely lucky as she was puting her hands under and around the bed where the copper head snake had been hiding.

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Wee little piggy got lost.

This little piggy cried wee-wee all the way down Berwick- Cranbourne Road one Tuesday evening. The police and Nigel got called out after she was scene making a run for it, by the time Nigel and his brother Paul arrived the Piglet had taken refuge in the Blue Hills Retirement Village. She was soon caught and now lives with us and has been called Ruby. Updated Jan 09- Ruby is now bigger then Nigel and eats 4 times as much.

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Hole in the wall saves Cobby. March 08

Nigel received a call from Ms Guy in desperate help after her cat Cobby had become wedged between 2 concrete walls at her Middle Park home. Firefighters had been trying already for 4 hours to get her out with no luck, Nigel arrived with extra equipment and made a second hole  but with the 16mm-thick steel rods in the wall he needed the help of the firefighters tools. Which then made Cobby’s exit possible and 8 hours later she was out and back with her owner Emily.

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How come Santa can do it?

It is a very common for possum’s to get trapped in chimneys as they think that it is access to the inside of the roof. They often end up running around inside they house where they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. With Nigel’s expertise and years of experience he can have them out safely from any sort of chimney or flue.

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Fox taking a Fence!

This very healthy fox got stuck when he tried to run away, after being caught out trying to steal some chooks. Nigel got him out and since they are classified as vermin we had to have him then put down at the vets.

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