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Next Time Wascally Wabbit!


This Rottweiler X decided to frantically chase a rabbit one night, but was not really thinking when he  himself jammed between two shipping containers at Keilor.


Nigel had to dig his way under the container to be able to pull him out from underneath.


This is him half way through his rescue, looking a little bit bored of the whole adventure, and thinking to himself I will get the wascally wabbit back for this.


And back out safe and sound and ready for a good meal,  a stiff drink of water and a nap after his 4 hour ordeal.


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Duck Got Stuck-18th Aug 08

This male wood duck not looking where he was flying got himself stuck 30ft up on a netting that surrounds the Cranbourne North Golf Course. The fence is about 50ft high and is designed to stop the balls from getting out, a resident walking his dog spotted the duck hanging around and reported him to us. We sent Brendan out a new employee, he quickly had him down, he has minor injuries to his foot but should recover well.

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Missing For Over A Week-12 Aug

Loved cat Sinatra had been missing for over a week and her owner Amber had just heard some faint meows in her neighbours wall cavity. Amber had thought she heard the faint cries the night before but it had faded away so she could not pin point to where it was until Tuesday morning. Nigel arrived and started to  pull out bricks he soon found  Sinatra to be hanging upside down in a 4 x 4 inch gap and caught up on some electrical wire,  after smashing up some bricks to form a gap big enough one hour later Nigel had her safely out and in the comforting  arms of her owner.

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