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The start of the 09 Bushfires.


20th January 2009 a fire starts at Carrum Downs, believed deliberertly lit by a teenager, this dence bushlands main wildlife being ringtail possums, birdlife and reptiles caused a large loss we estimate over 100 of our native wildlife lost in this fire.


Brendan talking to the volunteers, and going through the plan of rescue of burnt wildlife.


The volunteers heading out on a night run as alot of the wildlife found here a nocturnal. They find no injured or living wildlife.


A rat survives.


But a female possum and her baby dont.


Belinda from WHOMP (Wildlife Help On The Mornington Peninsula) caring for one of the surviving rintail possums.


Nigel finds a young stray and very scared kitten 3 days after the fires.


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“Doof Doof” Kitty Cat down the volume. Jan 09


We got a call that a cat was stuck behind a speaker and could not get out for 3 days, when Nigel got there and took off the back board of the speaker box he realized the cats leg had got caught up around the speaker wire and he was unable to move. Nigel had to cut the wire and slowly untangle it from around the very swollen lower part of the leg, the cats foot had become very swollen and alot of damage had been done, from the extreme stress and the constant tugging to be released.


As you can see by the photos he had a very swollen foot and after getting a cuddle from his owner, he was then taken to the vet for treatment. Unfortunately due to the extensive injuries to his foot it had to be amputated, but he is now fine and learnt to survive with only 3 feet.

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And you thought Stalone was tuff. Nov 08


This story is of determination to fit in, when 2 days after a group of 9 Black pacific ducklings came from Chadstone Shopping Centre after losing their mother. A young wood duckling was dropped off, we placed him in with the group but they constantly picked on him, but champ as he was called would not take no for an answer and kept fighting his way in with them, even sitting on top of the group at one stage, after a couple of hours we took one of the black Pacific’s out and placed champ and him together after a day they became the best of mates they were then put back with the group and champ was never picked on again in fact he became the boss of the group.

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