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Acrobatic Black Cockatoo Got Caught Out. June 09

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Nigel received a call from a family in Toorak, after hearing some loud noises coming from their backyard they discovered a yellow tailed black cockatoo had got itself caught up in the net of their trampoline.


Nigel soon got her feet untangled from the netting, she received some minor injuries from a bit of struggling to untangle herself. We treated her injuries and put her into rehabilitation for 3 days, Nigel then took her back to the same place where she was reunited with her mate who as soon as he heard her he called back.




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King Hit-June 08

Nigel received a call from a Lady in Berwick, she informed him that she had hit a Cockatoo with a red head at 80 kms per hour in a Hyundai Exel and it was still stuck in the grill of the car and very alive. Nigel soon worked out that it was not a cockatoo but a Gang Gang, he was soon there to rescue the young male bird out of the grill and off to visit the vet amazingly with only minor injuries after 3 days he was released back to King St in good health.

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Popeye the Peacock.

We received a call from a Lady regarding a stray Peacock with a very large growth on its face, some neighbours were able to contain him in their garage. Nigel was able to capture him and take him to the Glenhuntly Veterinary clinic where he was operated on to remove a tumour from his eye. As you can see from the Photo he recovered extremely well and now lives with us and 2 other Peacocks.

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Jake survived thanks to his mates. Feb 08

We received a call from a lady in Kilsyth that had been seeing a cockatoo in the same spot of a dead gum tree for 2 weeks. Jake ( he has since been called ) had bird netting rapped around his foot and was unable to move. The tree was to dangerous for Nigel to climb so alot of  phone calls later to all sorts of organizations such as SES, MFB, Police and  3AW,  finally the Shire of Yarra Rangers arrived with a cherry picker and Nigel had Jake down safely. Jake’s amazing 2 week survival is thanks to other cockatoo’s in the area feeding and looking after him.


Due to such severe injuries to Jake’s foot ( as seen in the photo), Vet Dr Kat removed his hole leg so he could learn to survive on one leg. If he was left with a stump it would have made his balancing alot harder.

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Jake’s Recovery.

Jake is one tough cockatoo. Each day Sharon gave him antibiotics, and cleaned his wound with antiseptic, Jake was doing remarkably well with the one foot and was climbing the side of his rehabilitation cage within a day he was taken to the vet once a week for a check up and after 4 weeks was able to have the staples removed. Once he learnt the art of balancing on a branch he was then placed in an aviary with another cockatoo called Oscar. They are now best mates. Jake’s amazing story of survival made it to all the TV news stations.

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My feet are tied Feb 08.

We received a call from a resident in Cranbourne, they had seen a Corella hanging upside down for 2 days Nigel was soon to the rescue and had the bird down. He was taken to the vet as he had alot of damage to both his feet due to the circulation being cut off, he went onto antibiotics and pain killers, he was in rehabilitation for a 5 days but due to such extensive injuries to both his legs he was still unable to get balance on a branch and unfortunatly we had to have him but to sleep.  FOR ALL THE BIRDS SAKE IF YOU SEE STRING ON THE GROUND PLEASE PICK IT UP AND DISPOSE OF IT.

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All caught up and no where to go.

This Cockatoo got caught up in bird netting at a winery in Redhill, the netting ended up in the tree after a strong wind. It had been up there for a few days until someone noticed there was a cockatoo with its legs tangled and unable to release itself. Nigel got him down safely luckily for the Cocky his legs weren’t badly hurt, he was in rehab for 3 days, where a had a well deserved feed then released.

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Tongue Tied Goose!

This Goose had been reported by a resident in Caulfield Park, after being seen with fishing line tangled up in his lower beak, as you can see in the photo it is unable to move its tongue and unable to eat properly, Nigel was soon there to rescue the Goose from certain starvation, the line was cut off and he was relocated to a private property to live with several other geese.

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Philip Brady’s Tawny

While 3AW’s Philip Brady was out walking his Dog he came across a Tawny Frog Mouth on the nature strip, concerned for it he immediately rang Nigel who was soon on his way to meet Philip and his Tawny, Lucky Phil the Tawny (as he was named) was taken to the vet for a check over, with no major injuries besides being only very young and needing a bit of weight on him, this was done on a diet of  fresh mice and ox heart he was released in good health 2 weeks later.

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Is that an Emu in your yard?

This Emu was found wandering the streets of Endeavour Hills. He was chased into a back yard where he stayed over night. The Local Rangers were called the next morning, but where not able to catch the emu. So Nigel was called in and soon had him in a trailer on he’s way to Myuna Farm

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