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“Doof Doof” Kitty Cat down the volume. Jan 09


We got a call that a cat was stuck behind a speaker and could not get out for 3 days, when Nigel got there and took off the back board of the speaker box he realized the cats leg had got caught up around the speaker wire and he was unable to move. Nigel had to cut the wire and slowly untangle it from around the very swollen lower part of the leg, the cats foot had become very swollen and alot of damage had been done, from the extreme stress and the constant tugging to be released.


As you can see by the photos he had a very swollen foot and after getting a cuddle from his owner, he was then taken to the vet for treatment. Unfortunately due to the extensive injuries to his foot it had to be amputated, but he is now fine and learnt to survive with only 3 feet.


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Missing For Over A Week-12 Aug

Loved cat Sinatra had been missing for over a week and her owner Amber had just heard some faint meows in her neighbours wall cavity. Amber had thought she heard the faint cries the night before but it had faded away so she could not pin point to where it was until Tuesday morning. Nigel arrived and started to  pull out bricks he soon found  Sinatra to be hanging upside down in a 4 x 4 inch gap and caught up on some electrical wire,  after smashing up some bricks to form a gap big enough one hour later Nigel had her safely out and in the comforting  arms of her owner.

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Hooked on Kitty.March 08

This young cat decided that it was fun to play with her owners fishing rod, until the hook pierced her ear. The Pakenham owner called Nigel as she was unable to get it to a vet and was to scared to remove it herself, the hook was removed easily from Kitty’s ear cleaned up with antiseptic and she was back to her playful self within minutes. (But maybe sticking to the kitten toys and not the fishing rod)

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Hole in the wall saves Cobby. March 08

Nigel received a call from Ms Guy in desperate help after her cat Cobby had become wedged between 2 concrete walls at her Middle Park home. Firefighters had been trying already for 4 hours to get her out with no luck, Nigel arrived with extra equipment and made a second hole  but with the 16mm-thick steel rods in the wall he needed the help of the firefighters tools. Which then made Cobby’s exit possible and 8 hours later she was out and back with her owner Emily.

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Tisha Won

Tisha was rescued by Nigel when she was just 2 weeks of age, she was one of 23 kitten’s that came in for the season of  Nov 2005- Jan 2006 that Sharon hand raised, Nigel  rescued them mostly from wall cavities that they had fallen inside of and got stuck after being born in roofs of houses, we found them all great homes except for Tisha who got to stay.

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