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Those Ducks Did’nt Squeak


We received a call from Help For Wildlife that Dandenong Creek  had been once again contaminated by oil, and that ducks had been covered with it, Brendan and Nigel met up with a team from Help For Wildlife to rescue both wild and domestic ducks.


Brendan with a peeking duck  covered in oil.


Sharon and Keaghan clean oil off the duck rescued by Brendan.


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And you thought Stalone was tuff. Nov 08


This story is of determination to fit in, when 2 days after a group of 9 Black pacific ducklings came from Chadstone Shopping Centre after losing their mother. A young wood duckling was dropped off, we placed him in with the group but they constantly picked on him, but champ as he was called would not take no for an answer and kept fighting his way in with them, even sitting on top of the group at one stage, after a couple of hours we took one of the black Pacific’s out and placed champ and him together after a day they became the best of mates they were then put back with the group and champ was never picked on again in fact he became the boss of the group.

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Duck Got Stuck-18th Aug 08

This male wood duck not looking where he was flying got himself stuck 30ft up on a netting that surrounds the Cranbourne North Golf Course. The fence is about 50ft high and is designed to stop the balls from getting out, a resident walking his dog spotted the duck hanging around and reported him to us. We sent Brendan out a new employee, he quickly had him down, he has minor injuries to his foot but should recover well.

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Just Ducking into a chimney!

Wood ducks often look for hollows of tree’s to nest in and apparently they think that a chimney looks just as good as a tree, so down they go ready to build their new nest but are unable to get out, getting themselves trapped, that is until Nigel comes along and removes them before they end up dying of starvation.

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Tongue Tied Goose!

This Goose had been reported by a resident in Caulfield Park, after being seen with fishing line tangled up in his lower beak, as you can see in the photo it is unable to move its tongue and unable to eat properly, Nigel was soon there to rescue the Goose from certain starvation, the line was cut off and he was relocated to a private property to live with several other geese.

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