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The start of the 09 Bushfires.


20th January 2009 a fire starts at Carrum Downs, believed deliberertly lit by a teenager, this dence bushlands main wildlife being ringtail possums, birdlife and reptiles caused a large loss we estimate over 100 of our native wildlife lost in this fire.


Brendan talking to the volunteers, and going through the plan of rescue of burnt wildlife.


The volunteers heading out on a night run as alot of the wildlife found here a nocturnal. They find no injured or living wildlife.


A rat survives.


But a female possum and her baby dont.


Belinda from WHOMP (Wildlife Help On The Mornington Peninsula) caring for one of the surviving rintail possums.


Nigel finds a young stray and very scared kitten 3 days after the fires.


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How come Santa can do it?

It is a very common for possum’s to get trapped in chimneys as they think that it is access to the inside of the roof. They often end up running around inside they house where they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. With Nigel’s expertise and years of experience he can have them out safely from any sort of chimney or flue.

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Possum Plaster Disaster!

This possum had found her way inside an old church that’s turned into a business that make plaster products for kids. A few got broken, which is common to happen when possums come inside the home. Here I’m demonstrating how sharp the claws are on a possum. They are like running a hot knife through butter!!

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