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First Snake Bite For The Season


Jason Weston of Diamond Creek, was out in his backyard near a wood pile getting his bin to put out the front for collection the next morning. Jason felt a sudden prick on his foot looking down he soon realized it was a snake, he called to his daughter Mia-Anne to quickly go and tell her Mother Raquel that Dad had just been bitten by a snake of some sort and to call an ambulance. While the ambulance was on its way Raquel who happend to be close friends with Sharon for the past 18 years made the urgent phone call to us to remove and identify the snake, Brendan was in Warrandyte at the time so was able to get to Diamond Creek and remove the Tiger Snake from the backyard.


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Sneaky Snake

This sneaky Copper Head snake was found in the spare room of a house in Cranbourne South. Mrs Hope thought she had a rat in the room as her cats had been acting strange, her grand kids were going to be staying over that night so she went looking for the rat but could not find anything. Her husband later got a surprise when he went into the room later that night to find a large snake. It was midnight when Nigel recieved the call from Mr Hope to get the snake out of the spare room. Mrs Hope is extremely lucky as she was puting her hands under and around the bed where the copper head snake had been hiding.

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Carpet Snakes Alive… and Lounging

This snake was found in the lounge room of a property in Warrandyte. A couple of 4-year-old boys brought it to the attention of mum.

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