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Seagull’s get caught out.

Some workman went to do some repairs to a roof of a building in Frankston. But when they got up onto the roof they frightened some young Seagulls that ran and both ended up falling into the drainpipe, we were called out to rescue the 2 Chicks. They were then hand raised in a special seabird enclosure and released back to the beach when ready.


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Pelican’s and power lines Nov 07.

This Pelican had a sad ending after getting itself tangled up in a power line and severely breaking its wing, it ended up in the wetlands near the new freeway, a workman noticed it and called Nigel to the rescue, the pelican was taken straight to the vet but due to such a bad break he was euthanized.

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Remove those domestic Ducks.

Ducks being removed from a lake at Dingley, due to the drought the water was so low, its usual level came up to the top of the island in the middle, these ducks all got a new home at a larger private lake in Emerald.

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Lance got shot but lived to tell Oct 07

Lance the Pelican was found by some residents in Seaford, they heard some unusual noises in their backyard only to discover it was an injured Pelican, Nigel teamed up with Belinda from Help for Wildlife to collect the Pelican only to discover the injuries under his wing had actually been caused by a gunshot, he was taken to the vet where he was treated and put onto antibiotics, he was kept in the care of Sharon and Nigel in a large enclosure designed for sea birds and fed fresh fish daily.

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Goodbye and Goodluck.

Sharon and Keaghan saying goodbye to Lance, Sharon had been feeding Lance everyday for the past 3 weeks with Keaghan’s help of course, it was great seeing him come back to good health after such a callous attack.

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Lance’s release what a great moment.

As Lance flew off he circled us as if to say thanks, what a great feeling it was seeing him fly off.

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Tongue Tied Goose!

This Goose had been reported by a resident in Caulfield Park, after being seen with fishing line tangled up in his lower beak, as you can see in the photo it is unable to move its tongue and unable to eat properly, Nigel was soon there to rescue the Goose from certain starvation, the line was cut off and he was relocated to a private property to live with several other geese.

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Winging It!

A pelican was seen with a broken wing swimming around Williamstown Bay . Nigel had to get the boat and Harley; it didn’t take long to have the pelican caught. On closer inspection it was found to have fishing line wrapped around the wing holding the wing open. The line had been there for quite some time and due to the infection that had set in. Sadly he had to be euthanasied

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